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IOT is currently undergoing the process of moving to the most recent Microsoft Email servers to add new features to your email. We will be upgrading all users to the brand new Exchange 2013 servers over about six months. While the upgrade is expected to cause minimal disruption but there are a few points to be aware of when you update your mailer.

Outlook for your office computer:

1. If your mailbox has been upgraded, you might notice this pop-up. Make sure you click OK, then restart your Outlook client.

2. After restarting it's possible that you'll be able to see it once more. Make sure to click OK and then start over.

3. Your mailbox should be working properly. If you're still experiencing issues, you should restart your computer.

4. If you're having problems, please contact the Helpdesk at 234-4357.

Receive emails via your device (iPhone or Android):

1. There could be a short delay in emails (20 to 30 minutes after the mailbox has been transferred.)

2. If you're experiencing problems with receiving email on your device, contact the Helpdesk 234-4357.

Outlook Web Access:

This could be the most important shift for users. As you are aware that your email is access from anywhere as well as, now, virtually any web browser. The interface for webmail has been drastically altered and is designed to be more like the Outlook user experience.

1. To access Outlook Web Access please go to https://www.shoviv.com

2. It is essential to note that the Outlook Web App has been updated; please take the time to get familiar with the new design. If you're struggling, Microsoft has a tutorial to get you started using the new application.

3. The process of accessing Enterprise Vault (EV) archived emails from Outlook Web Access (OWA) has also been changed. Be sure to follow the steps below:

Just click the gray banner in the email:

When the EV banner has been chosen, there will be a message indicating that the message is archived. To see archived emails from EV, click'View.' This will open another window that will display the entire email message:

An example of an object that hasn't been archived by the EV:

4. Finding information in Outlook Web Access (OWA) has also been changed. To Search EV archives, you need to select every mail message, click the EV banner, and then select "Search" then the EV Search site will open:

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