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This is exactly what the King of Jin is thinking at this time. He always has a feeling that there is a huge secret hidden behind it, and he is only separated from this huge secret by a layer of window paper. When will Dark One be back? "The last time I wrote secretly, I said I had got something, and it was estimated that it would arrive in the near future." "Write to him and tell him to hurry up." At first, Fu Cheng did not understand why the King of Jin urged him, because he had sent a letter before, and old man Liu and he were very happy, but his Highness was not alarmed. But immediately Fucheng understood that your Highness's poison has been dragging because of Mrs. Su, and now Mrs. Su is pregnant, but absolutely can not wait on your Highness. At the thought of this, Fu Cheng became anxious. Madam was born charming, not square things, and your Highness is the year of the dragon and tiger, now is spoiled, if a careless feeling is difficult to control, can not be good. He hurriedly tunnel: "The old slave this lets the person give a letter secretly." Early in the morning, just after daybreak, Princess Jin came to Chaohui Hall. This is something that has never been heard or seen before, and Chaohui Hall is somewhat surprised. Only the king of Jin, according to his usual habits, first washed simply, then went to the martial arts field to practice martial arts, and half an hour later came back to bathe and have breakfast. One, just saw the princess of Jin. Princess Jin had been sitting for a long time,Industrial pallet rack, during which time she had thought a lot, but seemed to have thought nothing. When she saw the King of Jin, dressed in a blue satin robe embroidered with dragons on his shoulders and a golden crown inlaid with sapphire, walking towards her with a noble momentum, she suddenly realized that from the moment she married this man, they were doomed to be tied together. Her backer should not be the Xu family, but him. Today, the princess of Jin is also dressed very formally, dressed in a standard pro-princess crown. She stood up,Cantilever Storage rack, and after the King of Jin sat down, she lifted her heavy skirt, knelt on her knees, and bowed to the King of Jin. This represents submission, and it is also the first time that Princess Jin, who has always been arrogant, has truly submitted to the King of Jin. She thought it was very difficult, but in fact, she turned around and looked at it again, but it was not as difficult as she had imagined. Your Highness, I have something to report. The King of Jin's eyes flashed and he raised his hand slightly. "Say." …… It was not until the end of the day that Princess Jin came out of Chaohui Hall. No one knows what she said to the King of Jin, but after that, there was one less servant girl in Siyiyuan. But about Hu side imperial concubine's matter, Jin Wang also gave the result, is Hu side imperial concubine takes the poison to commit suicide. Concubine Xu was unwilling, but no one dared to question what the King of Jin had said. Hu side imperial concubine is on the jade certificate side imperial concubine, radio shuttle racking ,Warehouse storage racks, funeral nature can not be done hastily, but now there is a happy event in the palace, or the king of Jin attaches great importance to the happy event, naturally do not want to collide. So the funeral was held in the Liuchun Hall, except that the servants in the house were not allowed to wear red within a month, which did not matter much. The little princess was still raised in the small courtyard, but at this time she was still young in her heart, and there was no such word as mother. Usually, she was much closer to the two nurses and Yuyan Yucui. For her, Hu was just a stranger who came to see her from time to time and didn't even want to hug her. The imperial concubine Hu, who had been in the limelight for a time in the palace of the Prince of Jin, was gone and did not set off any storm. Yao Niang naturally also heard this news, she always thought from time to time when she died in her previous life, was it also so committed suicide? Has the King of Jin ever thought about her? Was he so quiet when she was mentioned? But no one can tell her. What are you thinking? "No." "Doctor Liu Liang said that pregnant women should think less and worry less." The King of Jin is now using the three large pieces of rice paper written by Liu Liangyi as a treasure book for governing the world. I really didn't think anything. Fu Cheng came in from the outside, and the door curtain was lifted, bringing a cold wind. Yao Niang could not help but shiver for a moment, and the King of Jin immediately looked over. Seeing your Highness's unhappy look, Fucheng smiled with some embarrassment: "Your Highness, I'm back." The King of Jin nodded slightly to show that he knew. He turned his head and said a few words to Yao Niang before he left with Fucheng. Yao Niang knew that there were three dark words at the beginning, who were secretly protecting the king of Jin. Dark ten, dark eleven, dark twelve, once dark eleven appeared quietly, almost did not frighten her.
Dark eleven in the eyes of Yao Niang has almost become a mysterious person, this dark one is more powerful than dark eleven? But after thinking for a while, Yao Niang did not think any more. She is very sleepy recently, and she often falls asleep while sitting. Seeing that Yao Niang was sleepy, the jade cicada waited on her to go into the room and rest. After Yao Niang went to sleep, the jade cicada did not leave, but sat on the side of the pier, took out a needle and thread basket and continued to embroider the purse. She is not good at needle, this is her first time to embroider things, red silk taught her for a long time, she still embroidered crookedly. Looking at the piece of cloth embroidered into a dark, simply can not see is a cat's purse, jade cicada can not help but feel frustrated to rub, want to throw away. But before she could move, the shadow flashed and the thing in her hand was gone. The author has something to say: Since then, the clouds of poisoning in the previous life have passed. It should be complete so that people can tell the difference between the previous life and this life, and what the truth is. In this life, not only the fate of Yao Niang, the fate of the princess also produced a turning point. ~~ As soon as he came back, everything was ready, and Xiao Bao should recognize his father. ~ Red envelopes are still the same, Mada. Chapter 86 No.86 Annoyed, the cicada looked at the roof and saw a piece of black cloth hanging from a beam like a cat's tail. She didn't have to guess to know it was the man, so stupid that people laughed, so she could still be a dark guard! At that time, the jade cicada was also from the camp of the dead, but she was a woman and could not be a dark guard, so she could only be sent everywhere as a nail like other people. There is no tomorrow today, said which day to die on the dead, perhaps life is worse than death,pipe cantilever rack, can only end their own days. Every vassal king had a place like this to train dead soldiers in private, and the king of Jin could not avoid vulgarity, and the jade cicada was in one of them. omracking.com