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Zhizhi once secretly compared the appearance of the emperor's son-in-law and Xiang Qingfu, and found that if the emperor's son-in-law was Zhaohui, I'm afraid Xiang Qingfu was the moonlight, each had its own advantages, and they were all first-class handsome men. It's just that the son-in-law always looks at people with a smile, gentle and polite, unlike Xiang Qingyu, who is cold and like a piece of iron. Happy New Year to my brother, too. Her brother's voice came from behind. It turned out to be to tell her brother that Zhizhi lowered her head again and heard the sound of a light cough. Is my nephew Xiang also sick? It's freezing cold. You need more clothes. "Nothing." I don't know if it was Zhizhi's illusion, but she felt that Xiang Qingzhao's voice seemed to be colder. During the dinner, it was mostly Lin Fu and Xiang Qingyu who were talking, and Lin yuan put in a few words while eating cakes. Zhizhi just drinks tea. Suddenly, a plate of cakes appeared in her eyes. This cake tastes good. "Thank you, brother Xiang." Lin yuan took the lead in picking it up. He glanced at Lin yuan and pulled the corner of his lower lip. "You're welcome." Zhizhi hesitated and reached for a piece. Before she put it in her mouth, she heard her father's voice. It's getting late, and I'm afraid I'm a little tired of my good nephew. We'll also go to the next family to pay a New Year call, so I won't bother you for the time being. Zhizhi took a look at the cake, put it back, and put it on the edge of the plate for fear that she had touched it. Brother Xiang,Marble Projects, this cake is really delicious. Dad, let's buy some, too. Lin yuan called beside him. Take it back if it's delicious. Xiang Qingzhao's voice was neither cold nor light. So Lin yuan came out with a bag of cakes. On the way, Lin yuan kept praising Xiang Qingzhao, as if he had completely forgotten how he had been angry with Xiang Qingzhao for the sake of those pots of tea. Brother Xiang's cake is really delicious. Sister, let's share it later. "You can eat alone. I don't like sweets very much." In front came Lin Fu's voice, "Yes, Xiaoyuan,Silver Travertine Slabs, you eat alone, your sister is not in good health, can not eat so much sweet." Lin yuan beeps his mouth, "what ah, obviously father you must eat your sister's osmanthus cake yesterday." Chapter 10 It was on the night of the seventh day of the first lunar month that I saw Sister Shen again. Zhizhi had just washed her hair and was waiting for it to dry. She sat in front of the dressing table and heard someone calling her. Zhizhi. As soon as she looked back, she saw Sister Shen. Sister Shen was smiling at her. Sister Shen, you're back. Sister Shen nodded, "Zhizhi, come out with me quickly." "Huh?" Sister Shen looked mysterious. "Didn't you promise to help you find a young talent?"? I found it, and now I'm waiting for you. She floated in front of Zhizhi several rounds, "absolutely young talent, you will regret not to go.". Much better than that boy Xiang. Zhizhi hesitated, "but it's very late now." Don't worry, Porcelain Marble Slabs ,Stone Honeycomb Panel, I'm here. What are you afraid of. Isn't it said that ghosts are the most terrible? What are you afraid of now that you have ghosts to protect you? Sister Shen urged Zhizhi, "quickly, quickly, change into your most beautiful clothes and go out with me." The last time she helped Ah Tan fulfill her wish, Zhizhi got the key to the back door, so this time she went out very smoothly. She held a lamp in her hand, slightly illuminating the road ahead. Because the hair is not dry, so it is draped, but it is too messy, Zhizhi with a red rope thick bundle up, let the end of the hair naturally fall behind. Sister Shen picked out the clothes for her. Sister Shen said that Zhizhi's skin color was snow-white and red was the most beautiful, but Zhizhi couldn't wear red on tonight's occasion. In the moonlight, you look best in aqua blue. Sister Shen has a winning expression on her face. Zhizhi has an aqua blue dress, or rather a mixture of white and blue, layered, and her shoes can be seen slightly as she walks. Sister Shen's eyes were very poisonous, because when Zhizhi walked in the moonlight in this dress, her skirt seemed to be stained with moonlight, and her face without makeup swept away her former coquettish and gorgeous appearance. Zhizhi was holding a lamp, as if she were a fairy walking on the moon. Sister Shen, where are we going? "Of course I'm going to see the young talent." Zhizhi looked at Sister Shen, who was floating in front of her. "What young talent must see you at night?" "Because.." Sister Shen looked back, "I've been waiting for a long time, and I'm waiting for tonight.".
” Zhizhi didn't quite understand what Sister Shen was saying. Sister Shen took her for a long time and walked through several alleys. When she reached the entrance of an alley, Sister Shen stopped. Zhizhi, go in by yourself. Zhizhi looked at Sister Shen, her eyes filled with a trace of surprise. Sister Shen saw her fear. "Don't be afraid, go in.". I can only stand here, rest assured, I will protect you, Zhizhi, go in. Zhizhi did not understand why Sister Shen did not accompany her in, but she felt that Sister Shen was a good ghost and would not deceive her, so she summoned up the courage to go inside. The alley was deep and quiet, and Zhizhi could only hear her own footsteps. The sound of embroidered soles on bricks and stones. In the middle of Zhizhi's walk, I don't know why, she intuitively felt that things or people in the deep alley would make her feel afraid. What kind of young talent would be in this kind of alley at night? She looked back and could no longer see Sister Shen. She hesitated for a long time in the same place, and her feet could not help but step back. Although Xiang Qingyu is cold, she can still work hard. This big night in such a scary alley of the young talent or forget it, perhaps more indifferent than to the green. However It's also a piece of sister Shen's heart. Let's go and have a look. Zhizhi gritted her teeth, clenched the lamp in her hand, and went forward with a firm mind. Not long after this walk, she saw a figure lying on the ground. The man was black as if he had been injured. Uh Wounded young talent? Is sister Shen beating her to save people, and then the other party's purpose? Zhizhi hesitated to go over,Calacatta Quartz Slab, the other side is still wearing a mask, she kicked the other side's legs with her toes, found that the other side did not respond. Probably passed out. forustone.com