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But think about it in fact the other side has no internal force also can not turn out his palm but these are not problems the problem is In less than two hours if the Eight Princes could not be found the imperial edict would be completely abolished Just as the king of Gui was continuing to be searched for suddenly two soldiers hurried in "Wang Ye!"! I'm back! I'm back! The Eight Princes are back! "What" With a touch of ecstasy in his eyes King Gui quickly got up and strode out Wu Zhou was sent directly by the system to the alley outside the Eight Princes' Mansion He looked at the heavily guarded Eight Princes' Mansion and saw that those who guarded the gate were all the confidants of the Eight Princes He pulled the corners of his mouth and felt that after ten years of fighting he went up to the mountain of knives and down to the sea of fire in order to repay the "kindness" of the King of Gui As a result people just treated him as a dog and kicked him when he ran out Even the people around him over the years were all Gui Wang's people and none of them were his own In addition to his own eccentricity as well as a body of poison caused the internal force to be abandoned no wonder he wanted to commit suicide But now that he wants to hold that position for the man first he still needs to make a promise to the King of Gui Gui Wang can push him to the crown prince in Chemicals such a short time afraid is already prepared for many years he is now just the fish on the chopping board since Gui Wang wants to control him to control the whole Dazhong country why doesn't he use it directly Let the king of Gui fight with the big prince and he will be his "puppet" safely and steadily As soon as Wu Zhou went out the soldiers guarding the door were the confidants of Gui Wang Naturally they had seen his true face When they saw him they were stunned After all he was still wearing women's clothes but he looked like that It is indeed the Eight Princes Wu boat with two columns of soldiers went in and stood in the middle of the brightly lit main courtyard Before long I heard the sound of uniform footsteps led by the middle-aged man's disordered pace When I got near I saw Wu boat all over with red eyes and a sneer he came over and raised his arm to fan down Wu Zhou raised his eyes lightly "Are you sure you want to hit the future prince in the face of so many soldiers" His words which were neither salty nor light made Gui Wang's slap stop an inch from his face but in the end he was an invincible general and prince who had fought for most of his life His palm was so strong that his ink hair was in a mess King Gui thought of his purpose "What the hell are you looking like" He said angrily Wu Zhou "Xiao Wang went to observe the people's feelings Why" This is not what a benevolent king should do Oh that's right After all Xiao Wang is a vicious and cruel Eight Princes who doesn't know the sufferings of the people Gui Wang's eyebrows jumped What's the matter This boy has been missing for a few days Why is every sentence prickly But he also heard the sarcasm in the other side's words thinking that it was estimated that after learning the truth he couldn't get over it for a while The King of Gui was in a hurry now and he was too lazy to follow him He was ready to enter the palace first otherwise the imperial edict would be abolished after the time had passed The king of Gui walked directly over approached and lowered his voice "I don't care what you know but if I let you sit in this position you will sit firmly If I dare to play tricks I will cut you to pieces" Wu Zhou smiled faintly at Gui Wang China Suppliers "Don't worry that position" Xiao Wang must be sitting still Then without waiting for Gui Wang's command he turned directly to the wing and ordered "Hot water bathing and changing clothes" It was the first time that the king of Gui was ordered by his own puppet to clench his iron palm but after all there was still more than an hour to go and it was almost too late Wu boat had a good time to take a hot bath put on the prince's clothes put on the jade crown with a mask to cover his face when he came out he was cold and indifferent but he was really a little bit of the state of the crown prince Gui Wang saw it and he was satisfied but he still had doubts that the other party could avoid so many soldiers he sent out just because the other party suddenly appeared too surprised now think carefully He also arranged people at the city gate How did he get into the city Or has he never left Beijing But a man dressed as a woman and hiding in the shadows all the time Gui Wang couldn't help frowning always feeling that this time he saw Lao Ba again he gave people the feeling Weird
But now also do not care about anything else Gui Wang in the remaining time of an hour smoothly with Wu Zhou this fresh eight Wang Ye into the palace in front of the sick old emperor The old emperor is really sick or by gas disease Wu Zhou went to see the old emperor the other side was so angry that he lay there coughing all the time his face was haggard probably did not expect this is the last actually came back In fact the old emperor had already regretted that he should not have been so angry at that time that he was proposed by the King of Gui and others and issued the imperial edict in anger Fortunately Laoba Minerals & Metallurgy disappeared before and later in order to remedy it he issued an imperial edict to limit the time limit I thought I couldn't come back but I didn't think I came back at the last minute Wu Zhou didn't have to say much at all The king of Gui had already thought about the reason for his disappearance all the way and immediately went down to arrange it When the old emperor sent someone to check there would be no loss Gui Wang Xun's reason is that these days the Eight Princes did not intentionally disappear but were tied up by evil people he could not escape at all very anxious and finally Leng is a man dressed as a woman to escape As for who the kidnapper was Gui Wang also said he didn't know but the old emperor could make up for it Originally he thought Lao Ba was not suitable After all he had a bad reputation and his birth mother had a low status But now he was so angry that he gnashed his teeth "Bastards they are all a bunch of bastards!" Wu Zhou is honestly kneeling there a face at a loss as if he had not yet come to his senses he had gone through all kinds of hardships to escape back and become a prince The other party's "blank face" fell into his eyes which made the old emperor feel that the other party did not want the throne at all but the more so he felt more comfortable Wu Zhou stayed in the palace for an hour and when the King of Gui came back with him he was also holding the imperial edict that he was the crown prince At the same time Wu Zhou finally knew why the old emperor was ill A few days ago the old emperor suddenly found that the big prince was not his own kind The queen had an affair with someone else and the evidence was conclusive He even caught him red-handed At that time he thought it was a frame but a check It turned out to be true trade-global.com