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What is the secret of the ancient abyss, which has existed since ancient times? No one knows. There are too many legends about it. What is the wasteland under the endless abyss? Whether it is a creature or a force, no one can tell, perhaps only the ancient emperor knows. It is dark, like a bottomless pit, which seems to devour people's minds. The five-color altar hung quietly below, without any fluctuation, and did not know what strength to rely on to do all this, as if it had never been shaken since ancient times. It is incomplete, carved after endless years and unique scars, its luster has been dust-laden, leaving only plain and true. Ye Fan's heart can not be calm, Mount Tai, the ancient star, the ancient forbidden place. Where will it be next, Ziwei Gudixing? This is an unpredictable journey. Ye Fan wants to jump down very much, this five-color altar connects the ancient star, perhaps is a way to go home, he hopes to reverse and return, set foot on the way home. The setting sun dyed the sky red, the breath of desolation suddenly became strong, like a volcano about to gush, and Ye Fan's body was strongly attacked. He hurriedly returned to the life spring pool to nourish, then filled the jade bottle with divine water, and ran like flying to the holy mountain where the bronze coffin was located. Ye Fan's choice is correct, after the sky darkened, the ancient abyss became more and more terrible, as if there was a peerless evil God born, terrible fluctuations surging,mineral flotation, heaven and earth are trembling. The breath of desolation filled the air, enveloped the nine holy mountains, and then rushed to the more distant forbidden zone, like the end of the world, there was no sound, only boundless depression. Ye Fan hid in the bronze coffin, quietly observing, his heart was shocked, what is the existence of the abyss, or what kind of power? "Perhaps only the resurrection of the ancient Great Emperor can be resisted,gold cil machine, or is this the Qi of the Great Emperor?" He has all kinds of thoughts in his mind, but he can't really judge clearly. He soaked the kylin seeds and small colorful stones in a jade vase to nourish them with a divine spring, and then he took out several pieces of ancient jade from Emperor Wushi and put them together. After four pieces of imperial jade were put together, half a map was formed, and the Purple Mountain, which was guarded by nine dragon veins, appeared, which made him ponder for a long time, not knowing when he could get in. Finally, Ye Fan opened the white jade tripod and took out a pink fruit, which was carved like pink jade, but the fist was big and shaped like a pink doll, which was very vivid. Fragrance permeates the internal organs, moistens every inch of his flesh and blood, fragrant and fragrant, which is an irresistible temptation, crystal clear fruit contains infinite vitality. On the other side of the starry sky, the ginseng fruit in ancient myths and legends, is it such an immortal elixir? Ye Fan took a bite of the fruit like pink jade, his mouth was full of fragrance, chrome washing machine ,sodium cyanide price, and his whole body was enveloped by brilliance. He felt as if he was going to raise the rosy clouds, and his whole body was misty. He did not take it all at once. He took a bite and began to meditate and refine, trying to exert the power of the medicine to the utmost. He would stay in this forbidden place for several months instead of leaving immediately. Just for a moment, his body seemed to be on fire, and his withered body suddenly brightened up and was enveloped by the hot light. This is Ye Fan was taken aback, the road scar was moistened, although there was no sign of healing, but it made him feel comfortable. Fragments of the Law of Heaven and Earth There were two divine lights in his eyes, and his whole body shone more brightly. There was a certain power of order in this holy fruit, which could only be perceived when he reached the fourth level of secrecy. It is the existence of this power that gives him a little more life in the scars of the road, which is a good omen. If he takes more holy fruits, there will be a marked improvement. The elixir of immortality deserves to be a holy thing, but it contains such fragments of the rules of heaven and earth. Ye Fan knows that this is the best medicine to cure the wound of the road. In the middle of the night, he was silent and motionless, refining the fruit bit by bit. Boom. Suddenly, in the middle of the night, Ye Fan was awakened by a huge sound, which seemed to turn upside down, and the nine holy mountains were shaking. Clatter. The huge sound of iron chains, like the magic sound from hell, was overwhelming and resounding. The terrible iron cable, the sound of death, the loud noise, the freezing cold, as if a peerless murderer had come out of the cage of hell.
Ye Fan was so frightened that his hair stood up all over his body. He felt a peerless murder. If he hadn't been in the bronze coffin, he might have been torn apart. Standing on the edge of the bronze coffin, he looked up at the holy mountain, and suddenly a cool air rose from his back, as if he had fallen into the ice cellar. Endless magic clouds surge, rushing out of the abyss, like surging waves hitting the clouds, faintly visible several huge iron cables flashing cold light, connecting to the sky. A terrible existence was locked up, struggling in the sky, which was about to collapse, accompanied by a low roar, ringing in the hearts of people, like a mountain falling down. What's that? Ye Fan said to himself that when they first came to this world, they had seen such a horrible vision in the middle of the night when they left the ancient forbidden place. Some people in the world say that it is a desolate slave, an untamed figure of Gaidai, while others say that it is a doppelganger created by the desolate for himself, which is difficult to really understand. Ye Fan returned to the depths of the bronze coffin, meditated and continued to refine the holy fruit, the external things did not move the fundamental heart, he forgot everything, not disturbed by the sound. For three days, Ye Fan finished refining a ginseng fruit, so that it completely played the ultimate efficacy, and all the essence was absorbed. In the scar of the road, the vitality is high, there are signs of improvement, his blood gas is much more vigorous, the body has recovered its vitality. Sure enough. The wound of the Great Way needs to be healed by the corresponding law, and the essence of life alone is not enough, "Ye Fan said to himself.". After that, he spent three days refining and absorbing the second ginseng fruit, and the vitality of life suddenly flourished, with golden blood around the body. However, Ye Fan frowned, absorbing the fragments of the rules of the road is repeated, and did not play much role. The same kind of holy fruit contains the same magic effect, is it really like the legend? In fact, there is only one magic medicine in the forbidden area,Portable gold trommel, and the nine kinds of magic fruits are all born from it. It is not a real elixir of immortality, but if all the nine kinds of fruits are picked together, they are enough to be comparable. ore-magnetic-mining.com