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One side of Moore looked at his grandson, a burst of relief in the heart, this time after the light negotiations with the Council, obviously moved the real fire, changed the previous golden mean policy, completely showed a tough means, he arranged the sky mark to deal with the underworld religion, obviously, is to give his grandson a chance to revenge, Mo Ao ah! If you have a soul in heaven, keep your son well. A cold voice sounded from the outside, "Report, the participants have arrived, please give instructions to the elder." Guangming nodded and said, "Come on, we should go out, too." There were only five hundred people sitting in the air arena, which was very empty. Because of the large area of the arena, although the controllers were talking to each other, it was not noisy. Suddenly, the voice of the people in control of the conversation completely disappeared, their eyes, are focused on the rostrum,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, more than a dozen people filed out, walked to the middle of the rostrum position. No one initiated it, and all the controllers stood up consciously and saluted respectfully to the rostrum. Please sit down. The voice of the light is not high, but it is clear to the ears of every controller. With his cultivation, there is no need for any instrument to assist, calm voice like a warm spring breeze, so that the hearts of the controllers are calm down, have taken their seats. They are all acquaintances. I think I don't need to introduce myself. I am Guangming. Today,Serum Bottle With Dropper, everyone is called here because there are several important things to be announced. After the meeting, those in charge of each department will report to their respective judges and wait for orders. As we all know, our holy alliance is a spontaneous organization, all members are voluntary to join the alliance, our only purpose is to make human beings in the galaxy better development. We have always regarded ourselves as the guardians of the Galactic Alliance. Today, those who can sit in the air arena are the elites of our alliance. It is not easy to achieve the realm of control. You have all made great efforts to achieve today's achievements. Originally, we invited you here today because there is another thing to announce, but now there is another thing that we need to inform you, for many years! Our holy alliance, like the Galactic Alliance, has always been in a state of calm. However, I am afraid that this calm will soon be broken. I have received reliable information that in the near future, there will be powerful alien creatures threatening the survival of the entire human race. In order to protect the human race, we must take action. The specific action will be indicated. After the meeting, the judges of each department will explain to you separately. Those in control were worthy of being the elite of the holy alliance. Except for a few, most of them were over forty years old. Suddenly, Blue Bottle Serum ,Amber Dropper Bottles, they heard the news of the light. Although they were surprised, they did not cause a riot. Light as if the substance of the eyes swept over the audience, continued: "Another thing, that is, originally I want to announce, the alliance from today on, the official addition of three elders.". The first is Moore, the judge of the space system, the second is Lan Lan, the judge of the water system, and the third is Tianhen, the master of the space system. I won't say anything superfluous. For the sake of fairness, as usual, everything will be tested by everyone. The three of them will take turns to leave the factory and accept the test of everyone. Those who win ten games in a row will officially become the elders of the alliance. So far, because there are still many things to deal with after the meeting, the controller of this challenge, I require that the strength comparison should be above level 50. There is one thing I want to explain, the sky mark became an elder, after we have five elders to discuss the exceptional promotion, not long ago, he once led four masters to the fire cloud star to hunt a body length of more than 300 meters of the earth salamander king, and successfully brought its body back to the alliance completely, so that the research Institute got the precious materials needed, and had a great contribution to the alliance. In the process of negotiating with the Beal family, Tianhen played a decisive role, so that our holy alliance was supported by the Beal family. These two things made us see his potential ability and merit. Therefore, we decided to make an exception to promote him to the elder of the alliance. Of course, if he lost one of the ten competitions today, his appointment would be cancelled. This competition is judged by myself, presided over by Rose Phil, the judge of the water system of the League. From now on, Moore, the judge, will be the first to appear.
” Chapter 139 Bright Sanyao VS Dou Zhuan Xing Yi. All the controllers present listened to Guangming's introduction to Tianhen and began to discuss. Tianhen had only joined the Holy Alliance for six or seven years, and had also experienced three years of experience in the Magic Star. Most of the controllers were not familiar with him. For a time, they were curious about what kind of ability the person who could be recognized by the five judges and promoted to an elder had? And Lan Lan's popularity is obviously much higher than that of Tian Hen. Everyone knows that she is the granddaughter of Rose Phil's judge. Naturally, she also knows her age. It's hard to believe that she has reached the level of a judge. As for Moore's promotion to elder, it was expected that his ability had been recognized by those in control. Tianhen took a look at Guangming, who was sitting in the central position, and knew in his heart that Guangming was creating momentum for himself. This competition is not only a process for all the middle and senior staff of the League to know themselves, but also a test for themselves. The Great Elder of Light has said to death that as long as he loses one game, the position of the elder will be lost. Will you lose? No, absolutely not. With a flash of light, Moore appeared in the middle of the field. He laughed and said, "Who's coming?"! We are all old friends, and there are those who don't like Moore. Now it's a legitimate opportunity. It's not easy to pass level 64, and I just exercise my muscles and bones. There was a flash of blue light, and Rose Phil appeared beside Moore. "Now you can start the challenge. The challenge goes straight to the entrance." Challenge Moore? Don't joke, the controllers present have no problem with their brains. Sixty-four levels of space powers, plus a certain degree of wind powers,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, Moore's strength is no worse than the original five judges. Who will challenge him? Unless there is something wrong with your brain and your skin is itchy. The entire air arena fell into silence, which Rose Phil had clearly anticipated. He took one look at Moore and said with a smile, "I did it dozens of times.". If no one comes off the stage. I'm going to declare Moore straight through ten tests. Ten 。 penghuangbottle.com