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The beauty tools industry is full of new gear one after another. Our beauty professionals have carefully selected the best-selling products in this competitive world! We looked at them, touched them, and compared their capabilities. How functional are they? How effective are they? This is a good reference for the next reward appliance you buy! Check before you go to a mass retailer to make sure you don't end up with a product you shouldn't buy!
"L&L Skin's facial appliances are excellent! It covers all the functions you want, including introduction, RF, and EMS."
It has five different facial functions in one unit: ultrasonic, EMS, introduction, warmth, and LED. In addition, it has two massage modes that will make your skin firm in just 8 minutes. It can be used on busy mornings.
"I like the slightly stronger stimulation. I love the slightly stronger stimulation, and it's great that it can do five things in one machine, including cleaning the skin and improving elasticity!"
It is equipped with five high-performance functions such as cleansing, penetration of beautiful skin ingredients, firming, elasticity enhancement, tightening, and light anti-aging action. Just two to three times a week, your skin will be reborn.
"It's a miracle that you can carry around clinic-grade treatment gear."
It's a miracle that you can carry around clinic-grade treatment gear. The pen type gives you the freedom to treat the inner and outer corners of your eyes, lips and other details.
"Amazing sagging lifting effect!  This is the first choice for introduction and tightening!"
The compact body of L&L Skin Facial Massager is fully equipped with the four functions of a professional machine used in salons, including cleansing, introduction of beauty ingredients, and facial muscle training. Many hair stylists and make-up artists use this machine for its fast and visible lifting effect.
"A pleasant, fine mist that gently envelops the skin. I'm addicted to this feeling!"
When mineral water is added, the ultrasonic vibrations generate a fine hydrogen mist. The dry skin absorbs the hydrogen water and becomes plump. At the same time, LEDs are irradiated to treat open pores and fine wrinkles.
"It's like an iron for your lips⁉ The applicator on the surface stretches out wrinkles and increases moisture."
A dry lips saving machine that specializes in lip care. It removes dirt with ion-conduction, increases moisture with the introduction of a special lip serum, and promotes blood circulation with heat care for beautiful lips even without makeup.
"An all-around beauty machine that performs multiple roles in one unit!"
The power of negative electricity gently removes dirt and grime from between the skin's layers. In addition, the hot and cool functions allow the skincare ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin for whitening and firming.
"Your favorite cosmetics will penetrate your skin surprisingly quickly!"
By combining the Pre-Care Mode, which creates a route for beauty ingredients to penetrate, with the Rhythm Moisturizing Mode, which delivers moisturizing ingredients deep into the skin and into the stratum corneum, you'll have plump skin!