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How many times does an average New Yorker move in a lifetime

You should know that Americans are known for their constant relocations. An average US citizen moves about 12 times in a lifetime. But, how many times does an average New Yorker move in a lifetime? It's a feeling New Yorkers do it more often. 

New York has a large rental inventory and increasingly expensive neighborhoods. So, people tend to explore new New York’s next hot neighborhoods. They are trying to find higher-quality, more affordable places. So, it outweighs the stressful aspects of relocating. 

How many times does an average New Yorker move - Younger people move more frequently

When an average New Yorker reaches the age of 18, he's likely to move at least another ten times in a remaining lifetime. But, once a person reaches 45 years old, he can expect to move three times. So, younger people tend to move more frequently.

How many times does an average New Yorker move? Young people more frequently. Why do…
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Tips for storing your extra office furniture

It can sometimes happen that while you're moving your office you are left with some extra furniture. You can always sell that furniture, but that may not be the smartest idea. You are not going to make much money out of it, and you certainly won't cover the price that you bought them for. It is much better to save it for some other occasion. But how you can save it if you don't have unused space in your office. By storing it in the storage of course. So, storing your extra office furniture in storage. How can it be done? Let's explore.

Hire a moving company

Moving large and bulky pieces of furniture is hard. You have to carry it throughout the building on your own. That way you are risking to injure yourself and damage the furniture. It is simply impractical, especially if you are moving your business to another state.

Storing your extra office furniture needs to be done with the help of a moving company.

This is why furniture relocation and reloca…

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How to protect solid wood furniture when moving

While moving you have to take care of many things. You have to find a perfect moving company for your needs, you have to organize your relocation, and you have to pack. And while you are packing your stuff for relocation, you have to protect your stuff from damages. In this guide, we are going to explore how you can protect solid wood furniture from damages when you are moving. So, without further ado, let's begin!

You have to protect solid wood furniture from scratches

Let's take for example a wooden table, but all of the following advice can be applied to any wooden furniture. First of all, when you are packing, don't put your stuff on top of your wooden table. This is one of the most important moving tricks. If you need to put something on your wooden table, make sure not to slide the objects. Sliding an object will damage the finish of your wooden table. You should pick up the object rather than slide it.

If you want to protect solid wood furniture …
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