Moving is stressful and involves lots of planning and organization. In the case when you are moving long distances it is smart to let professionals handle the move. In these cases, it is also easier to hire someone to move your car as well. Hiring an auto transport company will make your move easier and less stressful. But, before you can let anyone handle and ship your car you should do proper research. You have to make sure that you have the right company that is reputable and safe. Part of your research means that you have to know what to ask your auto transport company before you consider hiring them.

What to ask

The important thing about transporting your car is the reputability and safety of the auto transport company. However, you also have to research the value of the service and its relation to the budget you have for the service. So, proper research is key to ensure that you can relocate your car easily, safely, and within your budget. This means that you must know what to ask and to have a list of questions prepared when you talk to the transport company.

An old car on a flatbed trailer
Ask a lot of questions to make sure you hire the right company

A shortlist of questions

There is a whole list of questions and concerns that go with shipping your car. It’s not easy to make a shortlist, but some of the most important questions are about:

  • Licenses and registrations
  • Rates and prices
  • Quotes
  • Services included
  • Insurance
  • Shipping timeframe and requirements


To ensure that the car gets shipped securely you must make sure that the company is licensed and registered with the US DOT. Make sure that the company has the registration. Failure to produce a valid US DOT number is cause for rejecting the company as unregistered.

Rates and prices

The car shipping process can vary substantially from company to company. Make sure that your company is clear about the price and the full-service cost. You want to save money on shipping but don’t go for the lowest price. Makes sure that the company is reputable and licensed first and then considers the price to avoid being scammed.


Be aware that reputable companies offer a no-obligation quote for their customers. If you are researching online you will receive an instant no-obligation quote. If the company is requesting too much information and does not offer a no-obligation quote look elsewhere.

A man washing a car
Make sure to prepare your car for transport and what to ask your auto transport company on time


Make sure that the quote you get from the company is transparent. This means that it includes all of the fees and expenses of the transport. Quick and unclear quotes may have hidden charges that may become an unpleasant surprise. So make sure you get the full listing of services, fees, and expenses before you hire a company.


Moving insurance is very important and particularly when moving a car. Make sure that the company offers insurance for your vehicle. ask questions about the coverage and do not settle for inadequate insurance.


Make sure that the shipping timeframe suits your needs. So, try to hire a car transport company as early as possible to have as many options as you may need and time to prepare a vehicle for relocation. Also, check about the pickup and delivery requirements. Car shipping companies require that someone over the age of 18 can handle the pickup and delivery since the documents have to be in order and signed.

So, your move and the relocation of your car do not have to be too stressful. Just find out what to ask your auto transport company, make sure to research your options, and this will help you hire the right company to handle your move.

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