There are various reasons why downsizing your NYC office space might be necessary. Either way, people often wonder how to do it without affecting the business and other employees. Here are some tips on downsizing your NYC office space with ease and being the most efficient about it.

Benefits of downsizing your NYC office space – why should you do it?

If you wonder why downsizing is so important, here are some benefits you should consider:

  1. Make a more productive atmosphere – When downsizing your office, some of your employees can be given a chance to for from home. This way, they will maybe appreciate their work more, and therefore be more productive.
  2. Focus on efficiency – Having a huge office doesn’t mean the work will be done more efficiently. So, instead of focusing on huge office areas, you can downsize and focus on things that help employees be more efficient – better equipment, more comfortable furniture, etc.
  3. Minimizing costsTransfering your entire business to a new location can mean lower rental and maintenance costs. That’s why downsizing is a great idea – move into a smaller place and save some money you can invest in something more important for the business. 
  4. Better location – Again, moving to a new location can be very beneficial for your business, if you pick a place that is much easier to reach, both for your clients and employees.
Office buildings in NYC

Many businesses are downsizing, and there are many reasons why you should do it, too.

How to downsize your office?

When downsizing and moving your business into a smaller space, there are a few things to consider. Here are some mains steps to take when making your office space smaller, yet more efficient.

Start preparing your office on time

Downsizing your NYC office space takes time. Therefore, be sure to start the process on time, especially if you’re relocating. Since there’s a lot to do, be sure to start the preparation process weeks, even a month or two before the moving day. This way, you’ll avoid the stress, and make sure you don’t make a mistake.

Remember: If you actually need to move in a hurry, be sure to pick a reliable moving company. Moving in a short timeframe is often prone to mistakes and moving scams, so choose wisely and pick only recommended professionals, like Divine Moving and Storage NYC. Hiring a pro to deal with your office space when moving is amazing and time-saving, but you need to stay safe, as well as your business.


Firstly, it’s important to remove all the items that you no longer need in your office. Many offices pile up unnecessary clutter over the years, which ends up taking a lot of space. Get rid of all the broken, rarely used items, old papers you don’ need, and you’ll see how much space you will gain after this process.

Extra tip:

Ask your employees to help you out. Everybody can declutter their own desk/cabinet, and therefore save you a lot of time. It is also a way to prepare your employees for a big office move, but also let them help you out.

Some colleagues making a fist bump.

Teamwork is the best work when downsizing your NYC office space.

Scan your office up

One of the best ways of downsizing your NYC office space is to get rid of all the paper and upload it on cloud storage. Even though it doesn’t feel that way, paper files take up a lot of space. Furthermore, if you’re about to move, these can be very heavy and will increase your moving costs. That’s why you should go through all the documents and other papers, and see what you should keep and what should go. Then, scan the important files and now you can get rid of all the paper. This is a huge space saver, so be sure to do this before the move.

Make multifunction rooms

Most of the offices have dedicated spaces for work, meetings, eating, etc. See if you can rethink your space and see if some of the rooms may have multiple functions. For example, you might not need a space dedicated only to meetings. Maybe some other room can serve as a meeting room once in a while.

A meeting room in the processs of downsizing your NYC office space

When downsizing your NYC office space, you can make various purposes for different rooms.

Use your storage space

If you have a storage space, make sure you find the best purpose for it when downsizing your NYC office space. You can store various items here, mainly those you don’t need on a regular basis. In case you don’t have a storage space, consider taking it, since a storage unit can cost you less than a bigger office space.

Replace bulky furniture and other items

There are many items in each office or house that unnecessarily take up a lot of space, but we’re simply used to them and don’t ever think about it. So, to make your office space more efficient, replace your old and bulky furniture pieces with more practical, slimmer options, built-in storage pieces, etc. Also, some pieces of electronics like computers could be replaced with slim laptops and monitors that take very little space in an office.

Use shelves as much as possible

Shelves on the walls can make every room a lot more spacious. Therefore, make sure you ‘lift’ items from the floors and cabinets and move them to shelves. Also, monitors and similar items can be mounted on walls, saving a lot of space on desks.

Use the new floor plan efficiently

When downsizing your NYC office space and moving into a smaller unit, be sure to compare the old and new floor plans. This way you’ll be able to see how much space you have and whether the old furniture pieces fit in. Make a plan of where everything goes, to move in much faster. In case something doesn’t fit anymore, replace it with a new piece before the moving day – you can sell used items online, and buy new stuff very easily.

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