New York City is a magnificent place to live. Until it isn’t anymore. When people come to a certain age, the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple become simply too much. With that said, it’s natural that one would consider moving elsewhere as a senior. And luckily, there are plenty of good places in Louisiana where many retirees from NYC can relocate when the time comes. Of course, prior to making a move, you’ll need to read up on the essential tips for NYC seniors moving to Louisiana. But before that, you need to find the right place to move to. And if you aren’t sure which one might be the one for you, stick around as we have a couple of suggestions.

One of the best places in Louisiana for seniors is in Natchitoches

As you are already aware, there are a lot of areas in Louisiana that are highly recommended for seniors. But despite that, it is not easy relocating just anywhere. You need to find a place that feels right and that is according to your liking. So, we hope you will find that one in this article where we made a list of the best ones. And to start with, we recommend you check out Natchitoches. This is a town that is in Natchitoches Parish and has around 17,711 inhabitants. There are plenty of residents and young professionals that live there. So, the age diversity is high. Which is a good thing.

Also, you might want to know that most of the residents rent their homes. And most likely this is the best solution for you as well since real estate here isn’t cheap. The area feels dens-suburban, and residents tend to be liberal. It is also a nice town for seniors because you can find many beautiful parks over there. And each day you can have long walks and just breathe the fresh air that you didn’t have a chance to in New York.

Should you choose to relocate to Natchitoches, it’s important to, first, free up space in your home when you are packing, because now is the best time for it. With fewer items to transport, moving in will be much easier. For both you and your local movers.

Two senior ladies sitting in a caffe and discussing about places in Louisiana.
When you are looking for places in Louisiana, you need to consider asking for help.

Next up we have Covington

A place that is a little bit smaller but perfect for seniors in all ways is Covington. This is not a town but a suburb of New Orleans that is in St. Tammy Parish. There are 10,471 inhabitants in this suburb, which is almost half less than in Natchitoches. The area feels sparse-suburban and most of the inhabitants tend to lean toward the conservative. You will find beautiful homes with many families in your neighborhood, no matter what neighborhood you choose.

Here, unlike in the town we mentioned above, most of the inhabitants own their homes. But, a reminder, you don’t have to do that. The median rent is $1,115 and if you do have savings, you will be fine with renting something as well. This place has many family-friendly places and activities, so your children and grandchildren can come very often for visits. You need to think about these things when choosing a perfect location for your move.

Mandeville is definitely a place in Louisiana you should consider

Another suburb of New Orleans that is in the same county is Mandeville. Not only this is a nice place for seniors to relocate to, but it is considered one of the best places to live in entire Louisiana. No matter what your reasons or motives are. Living here you will have plenty of parks, coffee shops, and restaurants around. Also, it is a suburb on the shore, so you can always enjoy some water or beach activities If you are into that. The area feels dense suburban and most of the inhabitants tend to be conservative like in Natchitoches. 

Even though the median home value is $306,000 and the median rent is only $1,145, most of the residents are owners of their own homes. But you can decide that for yourself. If you believe this is a place for you, you need to start looking for housing solutions. Once you’ve found a house, of course, it’s time to look for professional movers to hire like who can settle you in hassle-free.

Three seniors running on the beach.
Now you will have a chance to be more active.

There is also West Monroe

Even though there are plenty of families that live in West Monroe, it is considered one of the best places for seniors as well. So, West Monroe is a place located in Ouachita Parish, further away from the places in Louisiana we mentioned above. Here, the area feels sparse suburban and there are 12,431 inhabitants. Since the median rent is only $718, most of the residents are renting their homes. And this is something that we recommend you do. Before you relocate here, learn how to meet new people so you can have new friends and you don’t feel lonely.

Finally one of the places in Louisiana we recommend is Gonzales

Gonzales is a suburb of Baton Rouge, and it is in Ascension Parish. There are about 10,932 inhabitants and most of them lean liberal. Also, the area feels sparse suburban and there are plenty of parks where you can spend your days at. The median home value is only $173,100 which is basically half of the national average. Because of this reason, most of the residents own their homes. And in this case, you can consider it as well. There are other seniors that came here from New York, so rest assured you will have friends.

Grandmother and granddaughter baking together.
Your children and grandchildren will love to come and visit you in Louisiana.

Ask for help

Know that, when making a decision of where to move, you don’t have to do it on your own. As you are already aware by now, there are plenty of places in Louisiana that are perfect for seniors that are coming from New York City. But you should find something where you will feel at home. Ask other members of your family for some recommendations, or even ask for help online. You have choices, so it is up to you.

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