Due to the limited and expensive foreign trips, it is currently the most popular domestic tour of Kish Island and has attracted the attention of tourists due to the weather conditions and numerous entertainments. We are one of the travelers traveling with Kish travel tour, and in a way, choosing this destination has become very common, well, the beautiful island of Kish is both stylish and modern, and a unique coastal city with a lot of fun and entertainment in itself, delights everyone. In fact, it can be said that traveling with Kish tour is a suitable and ideal option to replace foreign trips with a much lower cost. If we want to review the history of this island, we must say that Kish Island was a part of our country Iran since the Achaemenid period until the Umayyad caliphs took control of this island with the spread of Islam. Then during the reign of Al Boyeh, Kish fortunately came under the control of the Iranians and became the largest commercial center of the Persian Gulf during the Seljuk period. The best time to travel to Kish can be called early January to late April (finally late May); Of course, it is possible that even in April, which is one of the most touristic months in Kish, the heat of the air is not pleasant and bearable for some travelers. Note that even in April, when the air humidity has not yet increased, the sea water is cold, and sometimes the cool breeze at night makes the air of this island more springy and pleasant. During this period, the weather in Kish is at its best and it is the most suitable place to experience the spring weather. Of course, the weather in Kish is often hot and humid; But in these months, the temperature and humidity of the island reaches its minimum level.


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