The 72 Passing and 75 Shooting would be FIFA 23 Coins better, but that’s natural for any child who grows better over time. Mwepu’s card could also be played as a CDM , or CAM in the game to show his versatility.

EA Sports will likely remove the card soon and will likely remove it from FIFA 23 altogether. Anyone who has him in their team will keep their duplicates in Ultimate Team mode. But, they will be turned into untradable versions and will not be sold in the marketplace.

It would also mean that you will see the card removed from all packs and won’t be available. Any objectives or future events that could have given with the cards from FIFA 23 will also be modified. However, EA Sports might release a special-edition Mwepu card to commemorate the achievements of his short career.

Mwepu is also likely to remove him from careers mode as well as offline matches. In the meantime players will be capable of enjoying the different licensed players in Brighton and go for a spin when they are in the career phase. For the talented youngster, this is really unfortunate but it’s an appropriate choice when looking back.

The footballing world has prematurely been deprived of several players in the past due to ailments, accidents, and many more. We would never have thought of this to happen, but unfortunately it has.

Members who hold the card will be able to enjoy the benefits for the moment. The situation will be quite frustrating for everyone in the community as Mpewu’s season started well and was fast becoming an elite player in the game.

If this guide was intended to be the best FIFA 23 players on pure statistics that’s looking at an incredibly samey listing of phenomenal center forwards and wingers who are fast. Instead this guide will walk you through the top 11 players on the planet according to their standing. The qualifying player? This is based off FIFA 23’s statistics and it’s not my highly biased opinions from buying FUT 23 Coins the outside, and not even those you’d read in Sky, BT or ESPN Sports.


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