Hi! I am one of those who must know everything around them. Not people’s business, but how things work. And, I’ve been fletching willow longbows (u) and selling it to the general market since nobody will purchase the 83gp per pound in any case OSRS Power Leveling. The store sells it at 64 gp an each. I receive 16 gp for each willow long (u). How does the general shop function? It is always sold for 4x the amount it paid to purchase?

Additionally, I’ve noticed that some fansites list items as with the same low-alch cash earned as general store. However, this isn’t the case for willow short (u) since if you low-alch them, you get 64 gp ea while selling the item to the general public, you get 16 gp per item, and the STORE is 64gp ea. I was thinking of an easy formula that would work for all items or only certain items.

I was intrigued by this subject and looked through the online item databases. However, one website claimed that the Armadyl godswords can be purchased from the general stores for 0 GBP. This isn’t the case. Other items such as bows and other common items like bows appear to be governed by the multiply by 4 rule. This means that when they offer it for sale at 1 gp, they sell it at 4 gp.

So that I don’t get mad, please tell me what the rule is for every item. Perhaps I should start selling my stuff to the general store and buying them all again. Okay, here’s the deal buy osrs infernal cape. I need to help you find the treasure trails. And that it takes a time to complete it.


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