Disinfections, rodent control and depolarization are topics that the Consortium headed by the Major Pest Control cooperative has been dealing with for many years. Thanks to the combination of the most modern mechanical and chemical tools, major pest control can solve any problem of disinfestation of cockroaches in Melbourne and many other pest species, making the environments in which you live hygienic and aseptic, to prevent allergies and anything that can damage your health. The Major Pest Control Services company deals with rodent control, pest control and disinfection treatments, weed monitoring, public green and large surface pesticide treatments, treatments against tiger mosquitoes, woodworms, bed bugs, cockroaches, insects and foodstuffs. The company also specializes in wasp treatments on roofs, provides HACCP consultancy and uses UVA lamps to capture flying insects. The Major Pest Control Services company also carries out fumigation treatments of foodstuffs.


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