Cost Calculation Setting – This can be a new dropdown with eve echoes isk two options:The”Total Component” choice will place the sheet into a way to calculate whole part costs, ignoring on hand tools. Putting the sheet within this manner will strike the hand column values to denote that they are being discounted for cost calculations.

The”Remainder” option will update all calculations to consider your on hand resources into consideration. This will demonstrate the charge to purchase only the remaining resources necessary to manage the part. Additionally, to the right of the component select dropdown there’s now an overall% tracker. When it reaches 100% you have all of the elements required to craft the selected component!

Craft Component button – Clicking this will simulate crafting the component, causing your hand minerals and planetary materials to reduce by the amounts needed for the chosen component.Reprocess Ores button – Clicking this will simulate reprocessing all your hand ores, reducing their hand values and upping your mineral on hand worth suitably based on the Ore Reprocessing Efficiency table.

When you load the sheet and make a change please be patient since it will take a time for the scripts to initialize and run for the very first time. This can take upwards of 30 minutes depending on how active google servers really are. Subsequent changes should be much faster and only require a couple of seconds.I trust that you find this brand new release more useful than ever. As always if you have thoughts or feedback feel free to post below!

Quite nice, I’ll have to examine this and find out how to actually utilize it. Or am I simply absolutely dumb?Everyone is a con artist in training.Well a lot of eve players have technology backgrounds. Another big set is posers.There’s also a huge contingent of angry clowns.I don’t get it, no one does, but perform for a couple of years and you will see the trend.

Could you shed some light on the”Amount of Reprocesses” located in I21:I36?It’s related to the amount of raw ore needed, and also the raw ore in the”Ideal Mix” section is the amount 100 of M3 you need of this ore?So if the”perfect mix” of Spod required is 300 – that means I want 30,000 Spod. And EVE Mobile ISK one”reprocess” of Spod is 10,000 Spod?This is perplexing me for some reason.


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