I hope that you find the sheet to eve echoes isk be pretty self explanatory. All pricing advice for the sheet is pulled live from the EVE Echoes Market website. Most of the useful market information is handily situated at the top of the sheet. This includes the present market price as well as calculations for feasibility of selling the component via the marketplace or direct contract. Auto-calculation of component prices and estimated market profitability. Calculations take into consideration all player driven abilities such as reprocessing skills, substance efficiency, and skill based tax discounts.

Auto-calculation of ore amounts to mine for any component with two optimization schemes: Least amount of mining (lowest absolute ore volume in m3). Cheapest ore cost on the industry. To utilize the sheet simply alter any of those summarized yellow values and watch as the sheet upgrades to supply you with the optimal market particulars! You may experience occasional errors using the sheet if the EVE Echoes marketplace is not readily available to retrieve market data.

I am hoping that you find this extremely useful (and profitable!). Please don’t hesitate to give me any comments you have in the remarks. NOTE: I advise making a personal copy of the sheet. Multiple people editing the sheet once will battle with one another and cause unexpected consequences. UPDATE: I have made a new connection to copy the spreadsheet. Individuals were able to make changes to my first link that broke the sheet. This will now produce a personal copy for you once you browse to it. It could take a minute for the calculations to work properly when you load the sheet since scripts need time to load.

Looks useful and great, but it does not appear to work. Shifting what to build from the dropdown does not alter the amount of resources needed.I also looked a little into the cells demonstrating ores needed. People where hardcoded so I guess someone edited them?The sheet should be read only so just OP can edit without creating a copy.I repaired it within my own personal copy,put this formula in cell G14 and haul it over the remaining part of the receptor cells into the right to get the correct amounts.

I fixed it in my own personal copy,put this formula in cell G14 and haul it over the remaining part of the mineral cells into the right to get the correct amounts.I just madea duplicate of this sheet and please note that at the public copy somebody added a space after teh word Tritanium making it doesn’t match…gotta eliminate that distance if this formula was not working for you.I have posted a new link to the spreadsheet that buy EVE Mobile ISK should hopefully work for everyone again.


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