I just finished up getting 90 Fishing earning a good 40m+ and OSRS gold that I bought Bandos. What else could be useful for me to store up for slayer? I’m fishing Rocktails sometimes so the cash will build up fairly quickly. Recommend anything 50m or even lower. Try to acquire an Improved Excalibur for tasks if you are not likely to utilize a Saradomin Godsword. Might want a defense (Dragonfire/Blessed Spirit/Dragon Square/Rune Kite) for jobs where you want an extra piece of defence rather than offensive bonuses against the rune defender.

Do you currently have bunyip/unicorn? Saradomin Godsword isn’t required for slaying… Just like Bandos armour. Why use Bandos if Barrows armour has improved defence? +2 prayer and +6 strength hardly justifies the exorbitant price I reckon. Not much you can change actually… Unless you wanna buy Dragon Claws to get a special attack weapon or something… Which is kind of worthless as well because it is possible to replace that with a Dragon Dagger P++/Improved Excalibur… Zamorakian Spear for Waterfiends tasks if you get them…?

As of now, I am at level 68 combat, which is a small reduced to conquer 2 level 100 dagganoths. I had been wondering what the best setup would be for me to really go about the last battle. Im planning on using a dlong and a ddagger (p++) for the spec. Im going to use the highest potential mage attacks I can, but I need to know the best setup I can use and also make it out of this battle alive and it needs to be cheap, I’m somewhat tight on cash. Thank you in advance. Im also planning on bringing sharks as meals. Im probably not going to pray much, and im going to be mainly maging. P.S. is there a safespot to get maging? Because if there is, I believe I’ll probably just do this. (that is exactly what I did for missing town )

I do not feel that there’s a safespot (you will have to double check). I did it at about precisely the same battle level as you, mind you I had Protection Prayers. The first Dagganoth is quite simple, so just melee him. Should you happen to own Void Armour (from Pest Control) that will be exceedingly helpful. Protection Prayers are also quite useful, although it MAY cost you near 1m to reach 43 Prayer. The battle aganst the next Dagganoth will be very tough, so try to incorporate when you want to switch between Range/Melee/Mage.

Thus, I decided to try something new and go to the Barrows Brothers, 75% for the fun experience and 25 percent in hopes of getting a Barrows item. I’m reading the Sal’s and Wikia guide, and it had been suggested to bring magic dart, which I almost have access to – 1.7k until 55 slayer. My strength and protection are comparatively low compared to my attack, will I be able to kill some of the brothers along with my stats? ALSO, if you were able to suggest equipment + stock, that would be mega helpful. The money, do your best not to buy RuneScape gold make it a lot, but I’ve a fair amount to throw about.


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