What makes HomeSec Business Finance so different to all of the other business loans and business lenders out there?
At HomeSec, we have the fastest and most unique business loans, which is why we are able to fund more businesses than conventional business lenders. Why?
· Loan terms from 1 – 12 months
· Repay early with No Penalties
· ​We will fund you regardless of credit score, tax debts & loan arrears
· Loans Funded in 24 hours
· Secured against real estate across NZ
· No valuations, financials, or cashflow records required
If you have a genuine business purpose and enough real estate security, WE WILL FUND YOU!
​1. Apply in 60 Seconds
2. Approval in 2 business hours
3. Funding in 24 hours
It’s THAT easy!
When small business owners are turned away by their banks, they turn to non-bank lenders. However most non-bank lenders want impeccable credit scores, full financial records, and steady cashflow. If you can’t tick all those boxes, then you need to apply with HomeSec Business Finance right now.


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