Cylindrical Vibration Isolators – Cylindrical Mounts from H.A. King. The cylindrical mounts from H.A. King provide effective vibration and noise damping over a wide range of frequencies.

Rubber Compounding: Rather than being limited to some in house rubber compounding methods, we are free to solicit the most up-to-date processes used by the industries leading rubber compounders. This affords you, the customer, the best of both worlds competitive pricing and the latest “state-of-the-art,”‘ rubber compounding.Metal Fabricating: we also utilize out-sourcing for the necessary metal stamping used in our products. Again, this allows us to review and purchase the most competitive unit from a price and quality stand point that is available in the industry.H.A. King Company then processes and assembles these parts into quality isolators, engine mounts and other specialized rubber parts.

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