The cost of IVF in Pune will be within a common range, assuming the hospital is using recombinant injections, good embryology lab, reliable media for embryo culture, freezing and thawing and a team of reasonably good doctors and embryologists. The pick-up and embryo transfer procedures along with embryology work will cost you about 65,000 to 85,000 Blood tests, scans, consultations (for both husband and wife) will cost about 25,000
Embryo freezing will cost you about 15,000 per year Recombinant injections should cost around 70,000. This can be less or way more, based on the dosage specified and the response of the ovaries. I have seen some patients needing as high as 1,25,000 too and as low as 50,000 too. If you add all these, it will come to about 1.6 lakhs to 2.1 lakhs. If there is a need for donor oocytes, then add another extra 60,000. Understanding and gathering information about the Cost structure of IVF in Pune won’t ever harm you, but it can if you don’t research thoroughly. Going for any other treatment would result in a lousy outcome, especially when you have been suggested to go for IVF. Vinsfertility PVT LTD works with the best ivf centers and Doctors who are known for their high success ratio and best affordable treatment.


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