Commercial Matting is an online distributor of Entrance matting, Outdoor Matting, Indoor Matting, Safety Mats, Runners, Pool Matting and Non-Slip Matting. Our main goal is the supply of high-quality products at highly competitive prices to the general public.

Our best-selling entrance matting includes Commercial Coir Matting, Synthetic Matting and Throw Down Entrance Matting. Our commercial entrance mats are a great, but simple way to transform an entrance space and offer a number of benefits to your business.

Living in the UK, we are all used to the inclement weather that the country is blessed with. Investing in an entrance mat on your premises can dramatically reduce the risk of accidents caused by slipping over, as they are designed specifically to absorb moisture from the feet that walk over them. Entrance mats are also textured in a way that helps to clear the feet of dirt, dust, and debris too, leaving your interiors looking clean and well maintained.


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