Clearview Bed Bug Monitor is an essential, cost-effective product for monitoring and evidencing bed bug infestations, providing 24/7 monitoring year after year.
It’s unique design was developed over 3 years by trained and experienced technicians who have over 30 years experience in dealing with bed bugs.
This bed bug monitoring device considers the biology and habits of bed bugs and utilizes preferred materials and light levels to create an environment that encourages bed bugs to harbour inside it.
It can be fitted to any style of bed and is portable so it can be taken with you when you’re traveling or on holiday, for peace of mind that you aren’t picking up bed bugs and bringing them home.
It’s robust, re-useable, non-toxic and chemical-free. Suitable for both domestic and commercial use.

Hour: Every day-24hrs

Year of Est.: 2022

Payment: Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card


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