What Is Central Reservation Software?

Central Reservation Software (CRS) remains a popular used reservation system in the tourism sector. The CRS software enables travel agents to promote sales and provide real-time information and details on product or service availability, price, reservation, and booking.

Central reservation software is a computerized system that stores and retrieves data and allows transactions such as flight booking, hotel booking, rental car booking, and so on.

How Do Travel Agents Benefit From Our Advanced Central Reservation Software?

There are numerous advantages to using a CRS that travel agencies can focus on. The impacts of central reservation systems (CRS) in the travel industry enhance beyond efficiency in booking and reservation.

The Central Reservation System, or CRS, is one of the most widely used techniques in the travel and tourism industry. In reality, it has pioneered the whole business.

We have sustained developers designing the best CRS system that is seamlessly integrated into the exciting travel portal of the travel agent and is also easily integrated with various suppliers from the global market and provides the best online booking system experience to travel agents.

We are focusing on creating the best travel CRS system that can support both B2B and B2C organizations. We build the best internet-based Meta Search travel CRS system that can quickly search for flights, cars, and hotels without any delay.

What Are The Functions Of Central Reservation Software?

Ø  Displays travel services with prices and images

Ø  Inventory and booking management

Ø  User-friendly reservation system

Ø  Online payment gateway integration

Ø  Customer data management

Ø  Email notifications

What Is The Major CRS (Central Reservation Software)?

Airline CRS:

The airline computer reservation system (CRS) is one of the most widely used techniques in travel and tourism. The Airline Computer Reservation System (ACRS) is a global distribution system used to book and sell tickets for multiple airlines.

The airline computer reservation system manages the booking system as well as flight details, inventories, and prices.

Hotel CRS:

Hotel CRS is a real-time hotel reservation system that manages hotel data, room inventory, rates, hotel availability, and reservations. It will easily show all real-time hotel data, rooms, accommodations, and rates to create a simplified customer experience.

The hotel central reservation system has assessed the hotel reservations and allows you to easily book a hotel using the excellent search filter options.

Car Rental CRS:

Car CRS is one of the most versatile solutions for car hire businesses that need to provide the best and optimum service to their customers.

Our car rental CRS enables customers of car rental companies and agencies to book car rentals online at real-time rates and with instant confirmation.

What Are The Benefits Of Central Reservation Software?

Ø  Invoicing, accounting, and customer and quota management are possible

Ø  High-speed network of information infrastructure

Ø  Fare quote, ticketing, and voucher generating process

Ø  CRS are web-based applications that save a significant amount of time on administration tasks.


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