The Rod of Light, The Rod of Light is a magical staff that RS gold locks the target for five seconds and consumes one-tenth their health every second. This is then added to your hitpoints. I’m not going to go for too long, as it’s already a bit complicated. Leave a comment as constructive criticism and tips on how to develop the idea, tell me which parts need to be tweaked, or removed all together. If you like the idea, it, please consider supporting! We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Case of the detective. Your task is to prove your client not guilty of what they are accused of. It could be that you are accused of burglary, theft fraud, burglary, or murder. In just a few minutes, you will need to gather the evidence and show that you are not guilty.

Start location: Seer’s Village Court House. Contact the person who is behind bars. Requirements, King’s ransom, Wanted. Talk to one of the accusers behind bars to get started. They will tell you that they require an attorney. If you are willing to become an attorney, they will inform them what they are accused of and the location. Contact any of the guards and request they take you to the crime scene. You will need to gather evidence, anywhere from a cracked window or even the smallest footprint.

In order to gather evidence, you need to be aware of what your client is being accused of. If it was Burglary it would be at your home. If it was theft, the evidence will be taken to a public place. If it was fraud, it could be in the public or at your home. Scamming could be done in a hard-to-find location like a trapdoor. If the crime was murder, it might have been in a house or public area, or hidden or hidden. Search for clues like broken windows , notes, trapdoors hidden from view and disguises, fingerprints, and you might also have to speak to witnesses, or to find out why someone have been killed. If you feel you have gathered enough evidence, you can go back to the court.

The proof of your client’s guilt To prove that your client’s guilt you have to hold the upper hand during court. During the entire trial, don’t change the story, make sure you know who actually did itand the reason for it. The evidence you gather could be crucial during the trial.

Rewards, levels and rewards. Each time your client is found innocent the client will compensate you for the crime. The amount you pay is determined by the level. There are 5 levels. After you’ve completed one level, you can move onto the next level or continue it. Each time you finish the case, your client will also be cheap RuneScape gold required to give an element of the suit. The suit will include…


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