API Integration

What is API Integration?

FlightsLogic provides tour XML API integration services for travel companies. It is a flexible system allowing real time rated & availability of global tours.

What is API Integration – Connect your systems, applications, data and business

Integration with APIs can allow access to multiple applications or hosts, reliable and faster access to data. Streamline your user journey & add valuable functionality utilizing the power of API’s.

What is API Integration

Application integration is done in various ways. It can differ on the basis of data pattern, use case, and technology as well as resources.

While for some agencies point-to-point integration method can be used to integrate their applications, others can utilize an open-source approach to combine their in-built applications.

Some of the most common enterprise application approaches have been introduced below.

SaaS Application integration:

Enterprises make use of a multitude of SaaS applications today.

SaaS CRM such as salesforce and NetSuite ERP are a highly popular tool being used in organizations to boot.

However, they must integrate these data management tools into their architecture to avoid back boxes and data safe.

For this, NetSuite API integration or Salesforce integration methods can be used.

API Integration Tools:

API integration tools enable businesses to rapidly systems and automate business  processes to significantly reduce bespoke development times and costs, increase productivity and help to maintain , adapt and configure processes as and when business systems and requirements change.

Our services consist of API design, development, and integration.

We have inclusive, working knowledge of  JSON API, REST API development, and XML API for web app API integration, mobile API integration, and native app API integration.

Integrate all your systems:

Our XML API Integration is ultimately a source of connection that acts as an interpreter between customer and supplier permitting numerous formats or programming languages.

Travel XML API Integration provides a real-time booking platform and integrated booking software.

This helps you streamline opportunities and cater to multiple guest requirements in the most efficient manner.

Our Services:

Flight API Integration

Hotel API Integration

Car API Integration

Tour API Integration

Payment Gateway Integration

Key Features:

Pre-packaged connectors provide integration to many widely used systems and tools

Federation services can be used to define target objects in legacy applications as item properties in FlightsLogic

Web services are available for systems that require access to data or files stored in FlightLogic.

A DLL version of the API is available as an alternative to web services.


Application integration, whether Salesforce integration, NetSuite integration, or magento integration, offers a number of benefits.

Streamlines Process Automation: Application integration platforms provide seamless handoff of data within applications, systems, and workflows in order to support automation and efficiency.

Holistic Visibility: Application Integration methods enable end-to-end integration that helps companies gain complete end-to-end visibility to track and monitor data workflows.

API Development and Integration Services:

If  you own a high fidelity dynamic website and looking for ways to expand your online presence on multiple platforms, you need an API.

Some of the benefits of  outsourcing include:

Save time


Comprehensive service packages

Future- ready

Building Cost- effective API Services to Scale and Provide fewer price Solutions to customers:

Basically, APIs are fundamentally changing how data can be used. This concept is opening up new business models and strategies for products.

Our API development company has recognized this shift and the importance of APIs.

Over the past years, we’ve improved our capabilities in this area to become one of the leading experts in custom API development and integration.

Our wide variety of API Integration Solutions Consists of:

Custom API development services

Custom API for your business website

Custom JSON API development

Custom XML API development

Custom PHP API development

Customizing existing API

REST API services and more

Third-party API integration services

Google Maps API integration and customization services

Custom API development and integrations for Social Media.

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