If you are looking for 世田谷区 エステ in Setagaya Ward, please come to Shizuku Beauty Salon.
Beautiful Skin Salon Shizuku is a women-only beauty salon located in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo.
Beautiful Skin Salon Shizuku performs all-hands beauty treatment. In addition to facials, we offer menus such as facial shaving and seaweed pack courses.
We look forward to your visit in a homely atmosphere. We provide services that will satisfy our customers.

■店舗名  美肌室しずく
■住所   東京都世田谷区上祖師谷3丁目15−9
■電話   03-5314-9172
■サイト  https://bihadashitsu-shizuku.com/
■マップ  https://goo.gl/maps/zjRA4YvJvaskWjfA9


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