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Panma was not a man who accepted his fate. He did not believe that he had had a dream, but he could not understand it. After that, he kept an eye on these people and wanted to know whether they were human beings or ghosts. However, no matter how he looked at them, he could not see a flaw. The only thing that made him feel a little strange was that he smelled a strange smell on those people, which was not there before. WWw.xiAosHuotxt.COM Chapter 15 bewitched T/X/t small. Say 。 God. Don That kind of smell is what Panma smelled from the later box, but it was more intense from the box. For Panma, it's the smell of death. Those demons who don't know whether they are human beings or ghosts, the smell on their bodies must come from the underworld. Your friend has that smell, too. If it wasn't covered by the smell of herbs, I would have smelled it the first time I saw him. Father Panma looked at me. "He's a monster in the lake like them!" What's the smell of the stuffy oil bottle? I'm not very sensitive to things like smell, and I'm not a hunter, so I don't have a great sense of smell, so I'm dubious about this-next time I'll sneak a sniff of www.ifanshu.com. If this is the end of the matter, perhaps this matter will pass, after a period of time, people will doubt their own memory, for no explanation will automatically erase. However, I know that the matter is certainly not over,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, because this alone, Panma Dad will not come to the conclusion that the stuffy oil bottle will kill me. Sure enough, Panma went on, saying that what happened after that made him unable to forget the taste all his life. After this strange thing happened, Panma always felt restless. Although those people seemed to be exactly the same as before, Panma always felt that their eyes and expressions were a little strange. This feeling had no factual basis and was entirely a psychological effect. Panma had a premonition that something would happen in the village. A few days later, something happened in the village,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, which made his hair stand on end www.ifanshu.com. Along with him, there were four other people, all of whom were related by blood, with slightly different distances. One of them, Pang Ergui, was the most timid, and suddenly disappeared. Panma and several other people had a secret in their hearts, and their hearts were raised, and no one dared to say it. Villagers went to the mountains to look for two days, and finally, Panma returned to the lake and found Pang Ergui in the camp, talking and laughing with the people in the archaeological team. Inexplicably, they brought him back, brushed stainless steel sheet ,mirror stainless steel sheet, and when the horse pulled him, they smelled the mysterious smell coming from Pang Ergui's body. Panma looked at Pang Ergui in broad daylight and began to get goose bumps. He felt that Pang Ergui's expression was different from before, as if he had changed. That kind of fear is indescribable, he felt that Pang Ergui must be fascinated by ghosts, back to the village, he told Pang Ergui's daughter-in-law, let her find her man abnormal, immediately tell him. But her daughter-in-law had no chance to find out. The next day, his daughter-in-law got up and found Pang Ergui hanging on the bedside. The whole room was filled with that strange smell. The village thought it was Pang Ergui who couldn't get over it, or was fascinated by the fox fairy. Panma knew in his heart that he was more sure that those people were monsters, and that Pang Ergui must have been bewitched. Pang Ergui's daughter-in-law was so frightened that she dared not live in the house any more. She moved back to her mother's home, and the house was abandoned. The others were so frightened that two of them moved out of the village. Panma and the other one stayed behind. They didn't dare to sleep at night. They borrowed several dogs for fear that they would be next. But the dog was of no use, and a week later, another person left with him disappeared. Two days later, a child found him in the abandoned house of Pang Ergui's family, hanging in the same position as Pang Ergui. Panma has a strong nature, and has been accompanied by mountains since childhood, so he is very strong. After his fear reached the extreme, he threw caution to the wind and rushed to the lake with a gun. His heart said that he would die anyway, and he would never wait. But after he entered the mountain, the archaeological team happened to leave.
Panma met the team on the way. It seemed that they no longer needed a guide. Panma had thought about it before, but as soon as he saw them, he softened. He followed the team out of the mountain with fear. As Panma later said, the archaeological team left the village with the box emitting a strange smell and never appeared again until now. Nothing happened to the people who fled to the other two villages. Panma was frightened for a year before he gradually put his heart at ease and believed that they had really gone. This thing has been haunting Panma like a nightmare, and I can imagine the fear. Half a month after the army left, he returned to the lake again to find out what had happened. Walking around the lake, he found a piece of clothes that had been washed ashore somehow. In the clothes, he found the strange piece of iron. The discovery of this piece of iron made him certain that these people must have climbed up from the lake, because the iron was in their clothes and could never be washed ashore by the lake. The piece of iron gave off a creepy smell, and he felt that it was no small matter, so he kept it on his body. When he lived in poverty in his early years, he wanted to sell it. Now that his life is getting better, he can't help feeling a little scared when he remembers that year. He wants to keep the secret and take it to the coffin. After that, we showed up. This is the end of Panma's secret. After listening, I fell into a long meditation, rare, I did not feel more confused, I felt for the first time, I seem to have found a chain, can connect the doubts in my mind. These mysteries are like a double-ended threaded steel pipe, where the connection is a mystery, but if two of the mysteries are connected,304 Stainless Steel Coil, then two of the four mysteries will be lost. If all the steel pipes are connected, then there may be only two mysteries left. So the doubts are connected one by one, which makes people very happy. sxthsteel.com