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Han Xi took out the skirt and said, "Hai Yao gave it to me last summer.". Do you think this one looks good, too? Ji Yao: "Not good-looking." He looked again and said, "Does he often give you things?" Han Xi nodded: "Yes." Ji Yao took out a white dress with a one-line collar from the wardrobe and said, "I've never seen this one before." It goes with the white shirt he's wearing. Han Xi takes over: "You go out, I change." Ji Yao went to the door and turned back, smiling meaningfully. What she should have seen and what she shouldn't have seen, he had seen and kissed her that day when she was drunk. Han Xi closed the door and locked it. She changed her clothes and put on a light makeup, her hair fell behind her shoulders, and she didn't wear a ponytail as usual. Ji Yao sat on the sofa, picked up Han Xi's medical book on the side, casually turned over a few pages, could not understand, and threw it aside. The bedroom door pushed open and Han Xi came out. She did not wear the one chosen by Ji Yao, but wore a long black skirt, which was long to the ankle,alumina c799, and the fabric was straight, showing a good figure. The beauty's waist is thin and her buttocks are round, which makes Ji Yao's palms hot. "I'm showing my true colors," he said softly. Han Xi looked at him. "What?" Ji Yao: "coquettish, stuffy coquettish." Han Xi picked up the medical book on the side of the sofa and threw it at Ji Yao. "If you say it again, I'll change it." Ji Yao: "No, no,Alumina Ceramic C795, no, this one looks good." He approached, raised his hand, and gently rubbed his finger pulp on her lips. "The color of her lips is also beautiful." Then he lowered his head to kiss her. Han Xi dodged: "Let's go. It's almost time." She closed the door and said, "We are not boyfriend and girlfriend. Please be careful in the future and don't touch each other like this again." Ji Yao raised his eyebrows. "Are you hinting at something?" Han Xi ignored him and went to the elevator. Ji Yao smiled and followed. They went to Ye Yanqing's house first. This is the first time that Han Xi has come here. Ye Yanqing got up very early, tidied up the room inside and outside, and wiped the tables, chairs and cabinets over and over again. Hearing the doorbell, she opened the door. Ji Yao was carrying all kinds of gift boxes of filial piety to her mother-in-law that Su Yao had prepared for her. Ji Yao was full of enthusiasm and joy: "Mom, happy Mid-Autumn Festival, I wish you younger and younger." Han Xi stood in the doorway with his head slightly lowered and his voice small: "Happy holidays." Ye Yanqing pulls two people to come in: "Sit first, ceramic bobbin heater core ,7g Ozone Generator, I make tea for you." After police officer Chen recognized his relatives in front of his tomb, Ye Yanqing was not willing to put pressure on Han Xi, and everything was up to her. Mother and daughter have been separated for more than 20 years, and the strangeness in the middle can not be eliminated in two or three days. Han Xi is not Xie Xiaoqing. Han Xi took one look at Ji Yao and said in a low voice, "Why do you like to call me Mom these days?" He used to be called Director Ye in the city Bureau and Aunt Ye at home. Ji Yao smiled meaningfully and stood up. "I'm going to help our mother make tea." Our mother. Han Xi knew what he was up to and what he was taking advantage of. When Ji Yao and Ye Yanqing made tea together again, Han Xi stood up and looked around. There were several picture frames on the cabinet next to the TV. She picked them up and looked at them. Her fingers touched the little fat baby girl. Next to them stood young Ye Yanqing and Chen Zhi, with Ye Yanqing holding the child and Chen Zhi standing aside. The baby seemed to be crying, and the two adults had smiles on their faces and gentle eyes. Next to it is a picture of a family of five, in which her grandparents committed suicide because they did not take good care of her and were stolen by human traffickers. Han Xi couldn't help thinking that they shouldn't have died, and now she's back. They don't deserve to die. It's a human trafficker. Ji Yao came out of the kitchen, stood behind Han Xi, and hugged her. Ye Yanqing put the teacup on the table and glared at Ji Yao: "Come here." Ji Yao turned his head, released Han Xi, and came over: "Mom." Ye Yanqing: "Be careful." Ji Yao: "What?" Ye Yanqing: "Don't bully her." Ji Yao smiled. "It's too late for the pain." When he finished, he stuck it on Ye Yanqing's ear: "Didn't you say you would arrange a blind date for us last time? How about today?" Ye Yanqing glanced at him: "Did I say such a thing?" Ji Yao:.. ..” Ye Yanqing went into the bedroom, took out a photo album, and watched it with Han Xi.
This was taken by Director Cai after you were born and just brought home from the hospital. This one, this is the full moon wine. This skirt on your body is made by your grandmother. She is very good at craftsmanship and loves you very much. The rattle on your hand is made by your grandfather. You like it very much. Ye Yanqing turned over the photo album: "Your father's clothes and pockets were torn by you. We were all surprised. Such a small man, only a few months old, how could he be so strong?" She smiled softly. When you were in the amusement park, you pointed at the merry-go-round and refused to go. Your father held you in his arms and sat on it more than a dozen times in a row. Ye Yanqing said, the corner of his eyes began to moisten. Han Xi took a tissue and gently wiped it for her: "Mom, don't cry.". Didn't I come back? Ye Yanqing put down the photo album, took Han Xi to the bedroom, and opened the wardrobe. Here are your sweaters from childhood to adulthood. I knew you would come back, so I knitted them year after year. I was afraid that you would have no clothes to wear after you came. She looked at Han Xi: "Always in the city Bureau to see you wear black, white, gray, red like it?" A cabinet of clothes, most of them are red, all kinds of layers of red, pink, crimson, bright red, orange. Han Xi: "Yes." Ye Yanqing pulled Han Xi to the living room and took out a few cans of candied fruit from the refrigerator: "Have you had a good meal these days? Come here to eat after work." "You look thin again." Han Xi smiled: "The clothes look thin." Ji Yao sat beside Han Xi and pressed her ear. "I checked that day, and I lost weight." His eyes swept up and down Han Xi's body, with a very exaggerated malice. Han Xi pinched him secretly. Ye Yanqing packed the candied fruit and divided it into two parts, one for Han Xi and one for Ji Yao. When he went downstairs,Ozone generator ceramic plate, Han Xi took Ye Yanqing's arm and said, "Mom, be careful." 。 global-ceramics.com