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"Have you informed my family?" She couldn't help asking again. When he gets close to her, he'll make her.. The heartbeat is uneven. She had to ask him questions, or he would have heard her disordered heartbeat. The chairman has been informed just now. Miss has company? "It's just a chance encounter!" Avoiding his sharp eyes, she hung her head, played with her hair, and asked, "Family.." Did you say anything? It's good to know that the young lady is safe. Also, the Li family is going to decide on the marriage between Master Li and Miss Li. He Lingyun looked at her reaction carefully, why not hold his breath in his heart, as if her reaction was very important to him. Tong Xuelian looked at him in panic. I don't want him. He's not what I want. If If the father agrees, then. She. She can't go back! I What did the father say? She clutched his sleeve imperceptibly. The chairman intends to leave it up to you. His eye turned to warmth. The snow lotus blushed and lowered her eyes. He Why do you look at people like that? So rude! As soon as the elevator door opened, a large number of people poured in. The elevator that can only take ten people is crowded with fifteen people. Snow Lotus felt that she could hardly breathe. She couldn't stand the smell of sweat in summer. Only then thought, her eyes were immediately guarded in the corner, he Lingyun facing her, holding the walls on both sides, so that she was isolated from those people. And the bodies of the two people are inevitably close. Thank you She thanked him for his tie, not daring to look up. My God,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, what happened to her? His breath was on top of her head, and then he lowered his head and whispered in her ear: "Be sincere in thanking people. Tie won't answer you." "Eh?" She jerked her head up to hear what he was saying, but with this movement, her left cheek was accidentally pressed against his lips, and the hot touch ignited her whole body by the contact of her cheek. She tried to run away, but his lips moved to her neck. She closed her eyes and was in a trance. When the elevator reached the fifth floor,water bottle packaging machine, they were left alone in the elevator. He Lingyun raised her chin and touched her red lips with one hand. This is the place I want to touch most, but it's not the right time. He smiled and led her out of the elevator. Go pack! I'll wait outside the door. "Why?" She went to the door and turned to ask him. Her heart was still beating fast, which was unseemly. They didn't even know each other. But He had kissed her, and the intimacy was more than when Li Chengfeng kissed her for the first time. Something was happening, she knew, but it was a little vague. The only thing she understood was that she didn't want to fight another uncertain battle, and she couldn't afford to lose any more. He Lingyun shocked her more than Li Chengfeng, so she knew that once they started, and the result was to break up, then she would never live again. His eyes were gentle and serious, and he stood in front of her, holding her chin. Do you think I'm going to act like a bitch to every girl I meet for the first time? Especially the daughter of a rich family has always been avoided by me. He thought of the spoiled and spoiled daughters of the rich and famous, Edible oil filling machine ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, with an expression of disgust. But When he first saw her picture, he froze. A person's personality, the eyes can not deceive the most. He wanted her, did not care that she was a daughter, did not care that she had committed suicide for another man, or that there would always be a shadow of that man in her heart. He volunteered to go south to look for her-just because she had a pair of gentle and kind eyes. Like a spell, he was deeply fascinated. Photographs may create illusions, but living people can't hide, so he can't wait to see her real face. She was more beautiful and fragile than the picture, and his heart fell all the way. Can't help but kiss her flawless face. She was so flustered by his eyes that she tried to avoid it and found a topic: You.. Why do you say I'm a runaway wife? "If my next goal is achieved, you are indeed my runaway wife at this moment." He laughed again and opened the door and pushed her in. Pack up quickly. I'll take you to Taroko Gorge to see the scenery. But Saussurea was flustered by that hint. What is he talking about? Holding her fiery cheeks, she could not think of anything, only to hear the irregular heartbeat in her heart-10 hiding behind the doorpost peeking at the snow lotus on He Lingyun's sports car and walking away. Smile with eyebrows and lips.
Good sign! She saw the scene in the hall, too. That's great! They are really on the same wavelength. All of a sudden, in a twinkling of an eye, two people went to the extent of holding hands. Looking at the shy face of the snow lotus, she knew that the good thing was near again. Smiling thought that if he was not the reincarnation of Kongming, he would be the reincarnation of the old man under the moon, otherwise he would not enter the auditorium in pairs under his own plan. Maybe she can open a marriage agency or something in the future. Alas-it's tragic to be left alone! For now, only after squeezing out the last drop of oil and water from the piglet and running out of water can we dare to go home. I thought so, but when I went to Hualien on the third day, I found that the God of luck had gone on vacation again. Because there was a typhoon, not very big, but for her, a northerner, she was really petrified. She had always known that Taiwan often landed from the east, and she often heard about landslides and impassable roads, but she had no real concrete idea. Because in the north or west, there are high mountains blocking the strong wind, unless it is a super typhoon, it may cause disasters. There are no mountains to fall back on in Taitung. The landlady said it was only a moderate typhoon, and it was not enough to see. See the house is about to fly away, even called not enough to see! After nightfall, power failure and water leakage began again, strong winds and heavy rains raged outside the window, and a few small trees that were not solid flew up with their roots and danced in the sky. The sky was low with big black clouds, rolling with the strong wind. The sea was howling in the wind, and the huge waves were crashing on the rocks. My God! The earth! Mazu bless you! Shrinking in the quilt, the smiling eyebrow has asked for anything,water filling machine, but the effect is not as good as expected. The next day, the wind and waves subsided a lot, but the road to and from Hualien was blocked by landslides and could not be made. gzxilinear.com