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Tiandao second kill power has shocked him enough, but now the power is more than 100 million times stronger than the power of Tiandao, too strong, completely beyond the understanding of Qin Tian, even the heart of darkness in the body is slightly trembling. Nope "I can't die, I don't want to die." …… His eyes were scattered, and he could not resist the power of the sword. Hands snapped together. With a loud shout, he said, "Burial.." "Explode!" In the crack, the soil rolls, unceasingly gathers the thin crack to draw close gradually, kills the breath to breathe. "Qin Tian," he roared, "if you don't stop, we'll die together. As long as you put your sword away, I won't pursue it any more. Otherwise. ,,” "Even if you are the middle God, you can't resist the art of burial." Had to. He is the master in the abyss of the earth, and he can control the earthy godhood of the earth. So when his life is threatened again, he can only release the most powerful moves,die casting parts, if Qin Tian does not agree, he also instantly detonated. How's it going "All you have to do is put away this sword, and we will be friends from now on." "You can do whatever you want as long as it's under the jurisdiction of Sin City. How about that?" …… "What if I don't agree?" Qin Tian's voice sounded faintly. The muscles on his deadly face gave a gentle throb. "If you don't agree," he said, "you'll die, too. At the worst, you'll die together. And as long as I die.". Your woman,deep draw stamping, the woman from Wanhua Tianzong, is also going to die. "What a pity that such a beautiful woman died." As long as you nod, I can release them immediately, and keep their souls in their bodies, and never chase them again. How's it going The Red Soul has been captured! Qin Tian's heart sank, did not expect the red soul really came. Anger is growing. It was not because of his words that the Red Soul would appear. I didn't expect.. Suddenly. Twist one's eyes, way: "Take life, you are going to die!" Threats? Qin Tian most not afraid is the threat, most hates is also the threat, that red soul's life threatens him? The anger erupted uncontrollably, and my heart gave a heavy drink. Chop me! "Boom!" As soon as the sword moves, it cuts through the sky. The irresistible momentum spread out, from the deadly Tianlinggai directly split down, the deadly body directly divided into two, socket screw plug ,die casting parts, and even the godhood in the body was blasted off. Too angry. The sword of the God intensified with his anger. Ding. "Congratulations to the player'Qin Tian 'for gaining 18 billion experience, 1.3 billion Qigong value and 0 survival value by killing the Lord of the Hall of Devouring Soul." "Congratulations to the player'Qin Tian 'upgrade, the current level of'Demigod Realm'.." "Congratulations to the player'Qin Tian 'for winning a'Soul Palace Jade Card'.." …… A series of system prompts sounded. After the sound of the big explosion disappeared, the system sounded two sounds again. Ding. "Target kill, survival value deduction of 1 million points!" …… "What thing?" "The survival value is deducted by one million points?" Qin Tian's eyes were stupefied. He immediately opened the system and looked at the explanation of the sword of the God of Heaven. He was so angry that he cursed and said, "***, the system is your uncle. Are you ***ing with me like this?" What is the survival value? It is the root of survival, and nothing is more important than it. Experience value, Qigong value, compared to the survival value is simply weak, from the first day to come to this world Qin Tian heart knows the importance of survival value, survival value is zero, he will disappear in this world forever, nothing will be left. All of a sudden consumed a million points of survival value, Qin Tian's heart suddenly shrank. Then look at the instructions for the use of Tianshen Yijian, which says very clearly that one use consumes one million survival value. Son of a bitch, that's a ***ing bully. …… At the beginning of the critical moment, Qin Tian only saw the seckill attribute, but did not pay attention to the consumption of the survival value. He hated it in his heart. After taking a look at the survival value accumulated for so many years, he was stunned. "There are only more than 12 million left.".
” "That is to say, God's sword can only be released twelve times." "Nima!" …… Just tried to'god a sword 'seckill pleasure, did not expect to suddenly come to such a move, want to die of the heart, began to think as long as he can unbridled everywhere seckill, see who is not happy to kill who. It's okay now. Can only be released twelve times with the current number of survival points. Although it can be increased, the survival value is not Qigong value, and the process of accumulation is extremely slow, not to mention that neither human beings nor evil creatures in hell have survival value, so they can not accumulate at all. It's too deceptive. As soon as the system did this, Qin Tian rolled his eyes and cursed the ancestors of the system for one hundred and eighty generations. We have to get out as soon as possible. "As long as you go out, the accumulation of survival value will not be too slow." "You can only consume in hell." …… With a movement in his heart, he made up his mind to leave hell as soon as possible. Immediately. He took out the'Jade Tablet of the Palace of Soul 'in his hand and looked at it carefully. "It's all right," he murmured. "Shit!" "And the Red Soul." "I almost forgot." …… My heart tightened. The words that just killed have revealed that the Red Soul has been captured by them. If. Red soul did not come, so Qin Tian at most just miss the heart, but now she appeared, or because he was caught, that is not the same. Qin Tian also knew that the Red Soul had made a choice, if he did not save her, would he still be human? "Boom!" Right in front of Sin City, it's flat. Suddenly. There was a series of crashing sounds from the depths of the earth, and a violent tremor on the ground level. It suddenly rises high, sending out cracks in the form of nets, and the cracks are constantly increasing. Finally "Boom". A figure jumped out of the earth,car radiator cap, his divine power with an incomparable evil breath. He swept his eyes and shouted heavily, "Hand over the Red Soul to me, or I will upset your Sin City.". ***! There was a sound of fury. Incomparable domineering! "Dead?" "The Lord of the temple is dead." 。 autoparts-dx.com