For everything you have ever done in your life, you have done it with a reason. Sometimes we have a full case of good reasons to do something and sometimes the negative experience can make us take action. Every time we plan some big life step, we will compare all the good we have and what we could get. We will do the same with the reasons that are against our decision. We should be very detailed when we think about moving. It is not easy to find many reasons to leave Florida and start over in NYC but you can find a few good ones. Living in Florida has some good sides but only when we mention New York City, you can have at least a slight image of what the advantages of moving to the Big Apple are.

Good sides

The only right way to compare the reasons for moving is to list all the good sides of your current place and the benefits of the place where you want to have a future. First, you need to count on that in Florida you already have a life, job, friends, and, probably, a family. If you decide to leave Florida and start over in NYC you will have to be prepared and you need to have good reasons. New York metropolitan area is the largest metropolitan area in the world and NYC is the center of that hive. This is also the world’s largest megacity which can explain why is it so popular. Finding a job seems like an easy thing to do when you know that this city is the center of entertainment, research, technology, education, politics, tourism, art, fashion, and sports.

Florida has its sunny sides

Reasons to leave Florida and start over in NYC

Sometimes it is not enough to know what awaits you where you are going. Sometimes the real initiator is finding reasons to leave Florida. The wish to change your life is not enough and it is not something that will push you through the whole process of moving. It will help if you realize that Florida has its bad sides and Best Movers in Florida will help you to go through the relocation process. Besides your personal reasons to relocate there are some generally known reasons to leave Florida:

  • Weather is extreme
  • You will not feel so safe
  • The whole place is a tourist location
  • Climate and terrain are perfect for pests
  • Wildlife is around the corner
  • Poor investment in education
  • Corruption

Effects of the ocean

In general, Florida has humid subtropical and tropical climate and the mean characteristic is temperature. Because it is flat, the severe weather conditions are typical for Florida. Florida is a lightning capital, especially central Florida. This is the state with the most tornados per square mile than any other state. Hurricanes are severe in here and you can see the sinkholes in Florida.

You need to face the extreme weather

Bad gun policy

Florida has a specific law that allows carrying stun guns, knives, and electronic weapons, tear gas guns, and batons. There are many cases of tragic gunshots in Florida. Safety is not at its highest level so it is ok if you are considering leaving Florida and starting over in NYC. This is not the case just because of bad gun policy but also because of the extreme weather conditions that can take lives. To avoid this, you can always hire a moving company and in a few days, you can be in your new location.

Florida is famous

This is one of the most popular states in the US. That is why tourism is one of the largest sectors of the state economy. This state has so much to offer so it is a typical thing to see tourists all around. The bad side is that you can’t find a lot of places without them. No matter how exciting can be to be surrounded by many attractions, sometimes you need a feeling of peace and privacy.

You can learn entomology

One of the reasons to leave Florida and start over in NYC is because Florida is famous for its wildlife. If you are not a fan, this can be a totally valid reason to leave. There are many species of invertebrates all around. Usually, the insects are in love with the hot weather and the flatlands. You can easily see ants, termites, cockroaches, bees all around.

The big ones

When we talk about wildlife, let’s not forget about the larger animals you can meet in your backyard. There is a huge number of mammals and reptiles you can meet because people often build homes close to animal habitats. You can meet face to face with alligators, bears, pythons. The ocean all around Florida is also very much alive and you can see the sharks, whales, or dolphins.

Surrounded by nature

It is not easy to plan the future

If you have a family or you have a plan to start one, you need to think about the children’s future and their education. Knowing that public schools are not very good can be a reason to pack your bags. When you realize that schools are low funded you will want to leave because of the sake of your children. It doesn’t matter that there are some nonprofit organizations trying to combat this issue.

Government issues

Like everywhere, the government in Florida has its bad sides and this can be the last drop. After examining this, you will have one more reason to pack your bags and, in that case, make sure to have assistance. This is an escape journey and you will need help for a long-distance relocation. If you had enough it is time to leave Florida and start over in NYC.

When you have the reasons of your own to leave Florida and start over in NYC, this can help you only to finally make the decision. Have in mind that you need to look for what is better for you and that will be the best guideline in this case.

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